Del Close Marathon 2013 Dates!

Rumor has it that the Del Close Marathon will forever now, until someone changes it, run during the last weekend of June. This is hearsay, but let’s hope it is true. I remember this 3 day comedy weekend being as late as mid August. Let’s have some consistency, please!

Go to the DMC15 website for info on submitting your show (deadline April 2nd), schedules and theater locations. Groups from all over the planet earth will converge on NYC to honor Del Close, the legendary improv teacher, director and creator of long-form improve technique.

So save the dates June 28 through Midnight Sunday July 1, 2013. Hosted by UCB Theatre NYC!

Photo by Luigi Novi

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  1. Saul says:

    What is this long-form improve technique you speak of? Will it help me improve myself?

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