Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Your Tightly-Wrapped Friend

OK. I have finally embarrassed myself. Here’s an attempt to list stocking stuffer ideas for the busy bee in your life-in under 30 seconds. The ideas are sound; the spokesperson…..needs a chill pill!

Stress WeinerBuzz Bites caffeinated chocolate chewsPerky Jerky energized beef jerkyCaffeinated Suckas- lollipops with caffeine
Pictured above: Stress Wiener, Chocolate Buzz Bites, Perky Jerky, Caffeinated Suckas– all fun ways to make it through a long day!

Mirth in a Box sells premade gift boxes make it easy for you to send a fun, thoughtful present even when you are on overload. Have some down time? You might enjoy perusing our site and creating your own gift box!

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