Cyborg Monday: Jokes

Cyborgs (cybernetic organisms) are known to lack a sense of humor and these jokes Cyborg and sunsetconfirm it!

  • Why did the cyborg cross the road? To terminate all humans on the other side.
  • What kind of music does a cyborg listen to? Heavy metal.
  • Where was the first cyborg born? In Tin-buktu. 
  • A cyborg goes to see his doctor for a check up.The doctor says, “Ahhh. The bad news, you have too much iron in your blood. The good news, you have nerves of steel.
  • CyborgWhat does the cyborg say when he chops down a tree? TIN-ber!
  • What did the cyborg say when he fell in to the fire? “I’m molten! I’m molten!”
  • What’s silver and lies in the grass? R2 Doo Doo!
  • That cyborg looks like a million bucks! She really let herself go!
  • Why was the cyborg alone on Valentines’ Day. He was heartless.

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