Birds of a Feather: Collective Nouns

“I’m so hungry I could eat a rafter of turkeys!” Ever hear someone say that? Well, I Owlhaven’t either BUT I did feel the urge to find out the collective noun for a group of turkeys. According to the a quick internet search, a large group of turkeys can be called a flock, a rafter or a brood. Here are some other collective bird nouns that I thought were funny, odd or interesting:


    • A murder of crowsA murder of crows
    • A scold of jays
    • A bevy of swans
    • A pitying of turtledoves
    • A host of sparrows
    • A wisdom of owls (this made sense to me)
    • A convocation of eagles
    • A conspiracy of ravens
    • A piteousness of doves (morning doves?)

This was my diversion of the day. Now back to work!

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2 Responses to Birds of a Feather: Collective Nouns

  1. Dave Leach says:

    Funny stuff! Keep up the mirth, always look forward to the humor!

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