Clever Holiday Gifts for Teachers

Here’s a letter we received last week:

Einstein's Energy Bar

Dear Mirth in a Box,

I did not study as much as I should have this past fall. Final grades will be coming out soon. What can I do to insure that my teacher does not fail me?

Concerned Student

Dear Concerned,

Luckily for you I received an A in schmoozing. A Brief History of Art Coffee MugDecember is looming and no matter if your teacher celebrates Christmas or not, you can bet that he or she is expecting a holiday gift. Don’t even think of making or baking that gift yourself if you have not been turning in your homework. Fruitcake is for nuts.

May I recommend giving your teacher a gift that not only shows your appreciation and affection for said teacher but also hints that your intellect may not be as shallow as your grades indicate. 

Watch this short video to see our gift suggestions up close:

Not feeling it? There’s always money!Ha ha! These are tissues!

Money Tissues

Good luck!

Mirth in a Box sells fun and unusual gifts. Pictured products: Einstein’s Energy Bar and Activity Kit, A Brief History of Art Coffee Mug, and our Money Tissues Pack.

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