Tom Swifties: Wordplay Continued

Several months back we posted our Tom Swifties blog post on our Facebook page. Who Tom Swiftknew so many of our Facebook friends were rapid punsters? Here’s some of their Tom Swifties:

  • “I don’t own a BB Gun,” Tom said lackadaisically. (Jon)
  • “This boat is leaking,” Tom said balefully. (Diane)
  • “What a great summer party!” Tom exclaimed explosively. (Mary)
  • “I made a mistake, Tom deserves an A, not a B” Tom’s teacher remarked.(Richard)
  • ?”Indeed I was around. I fought with Geronimo,” Tom said bravely. (Diane)
  • “Thanks, Gay. You must be my host,” Tom guessed. (Diane)
  • “What’s the answer to question C?” Tom asked quizicly. (Diane) Diane was on fire!
  • “I hate final exams,” Tom said testily. (Rich)
  • “I just couldn’t hit the target,” Tom said aimlessly. (Anne)
  • “Maybe I need a lobotomy,” Tom said absentmindedly. (Sue)

Thank you all for contributing!

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2 Responses to Tom Swifties: Wordplay Continued

  1. John says:

    “Get that onion away from me!” she cried

    • Gay says:

      Very good, John. We will use that in our next post on Tom Swifties! Technically it should read, “Get that onion away from me!” TOM cried to be a Tom Swifty. Without Tom, it is a Wellerism! And why do we know that? Idle minds!

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