Zombie Jokes: Laugh Your Head Off!

ZombieSome of these jokes don’t have a leg to stand on, but other are dead on:

  • What kind of streets do zombies live on? Dead-ends!
  • Do zombies eat their dinner with their fingers? No they eat their fingers separately!
  • Who won the zombie tennis match? Nobody. It was dead even!
  • What a zombie’s favorite sport? Casketball!
  • Where does one go to buy a zombie? A MON-store!
  • What did the zombie husband say to his scatter-brained zombie wife? You’ll forget your head because it isn’t attached!

My personal favorite is: What did the zombie say to his friend as he was eating a comedian? This tastes funny! 

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One Response to Zombie Jokes: Laugh Your Head Off!

  1. Al Gore says:

    As a zombie myself I find the last of those jokes distasteful

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