College Care Package Ideas to Relieve Parental Guilt

You’ve sobbed, you’ve celebrated, you’ve dreamt about what to do with the extra College Care Packagebedroom and then the guilt sets in. Parental guilt. The guilt of liking your freedom. The guilt of enjoying not having an extra person in the house. The guilt of relishing  a quiet, clean house So what can a parent do to alleviate that guilt? Send a college care package! Here’s a few simple ideas to pack up and ship off to your college student:

  • Cleaning Supplies: Trash cans liners. Micro fiber dust cloths, whiskbroom and dustpan, individual cleaning cloths, air fresheners, and all-purpose cleaners. Remember to keep the containers on the smaller side. Large containers are hard to store could get lost or stolen. I’m a fan of Seventh Generation products. If you really feel guilty, send your kid a Mrs. Meyers Dorm Room Set
  • GoodbyeFirst Aid Supplies– again, smaller is better. Send a shoebox filled with bandages, athletic tape, antibacterial wipes, pain relievers, antacid, cough medicine, hot and cold packs and tweezers.
  • Cookies and Food: Everybody likes to get food. Just remember your care package could be sitting in a mailroom for a few days so send food with a long shelf life.
  • Dorm Decorations: Best sent after you get a snapshot of Collage Care Packages All Nighteryour student’s room. Seasonal garlands, white boards, decorative pillow cases, tapestries and for the really guilty, send a TV!
  • Games: We are not taking about video games! Board games and card games! Keeping in mind that dorm rooms are small, so look for travel-sized versions of you student’s childhood favorites.

For those times you are feeling guilty but are just too busy to shop, pack up and mail all you good intentions, use We’ve got an ever expanding selection of premade College Care Packages. You can also build your own gift box.

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