College Circa 1974: Good Old Days?

Thank you, Larry Fisher for this insightful guest post!Slide Rule

Bring back the good old days.  Are you kidding? College, back-when, wasn’t always so good.  Here’s a comparison of then and now.

Today, Internet registration for drops, adds and changes is the norm.   Back- when, I would  spend 3-4 hours in line to make a simple change in my schedule.

Bookstore lines of yesteryear are replaced by one-click ordering on Amazon.  Yes, I know it’s a racket.  But, at least there’s lower cost, less shoulder separating and no-muss, no-fuss alternatives.

Typewriter KeysClickety-clack, Clickety-clack . . .  ZIP.  Do you remember typewriters?  I know they are still considered cool tools by creatives, but give me cut, paste and backspace and I can write the great American novel.  Back-when, even this simple little article would have taken me a day and a half.  I even know students that write papers on their cell phones.

During my first two years of college, I first had a slide rule, then I had to go buy this new Classroom c 1975invention called a calculator just to keep up.  That cost me $100, and I don’t think I made $3 an hour at the time. Today calculators are ubiquitous, as they’re online or a standard accessory on your cell phone.

Yesterday, had stacks of papers.  Today, just put your work in the cloud and access it anywhere.

Finally, back-when, you had to actually go to class.  To turn things in, take a test or listen to lectures.  They were always finding some reason to get you there.  Today, click on submit and turn it in while wearing your pajamas.

Larry Fisher is an expert on college! He’s got an assortment of degrees & advanced degrees ranging from Computer Science to Nursing. Larry got his first degree in 1980 and just finished up a MS in Nursing from Gonzaga University. Thanks, Larry!

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3 Responses to College Circa 1974: Good Old Days?

  1. OMG This was my college expereince too!
    I laughed so hard when I read, then heard in my minds ear, the typewriter.
    Click clack click clack zip
    It is awesomely easy to type this now with the huge advances we’ve made. YET……
    I long for the days of pencils, yellow pads and arrows in margins to change paragraphs! We learned such useful navigation tools we then applied to the reading of maps.
    Oh right….we don’t do that any more either!
    Thanks Gay & Larry, for a nostolgic stroll down memory lane.

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