Empty Nest Disorder: Recognizing the Symptoms

The Kids Have Moved OutHave your children recently left for college? Have you found yourself staring listlessly at the empty laundry bin, your full refrigerator, and your clean floors? Do you find the quiet in your house unnerving? Have you recently slept through the night only to awaken with a feeling that something must be wrong? Have you put the plunger back under the sink?

Empty Bird HouseYou could be suffering from “Empty Nest Disorder”, a generalized anxiety disorder that has been spreading rapidly amongst men and women in their 40’s and 50’s.

The medical profession has been scratching their heads for decades about how to handle this ever-growing problem. Initially the solution appeared to just have the kids move back in after college, but those boomerang kids seem to have worsened the problems. Whilst the experts research this syndrome and quibble about solutions, Mirth in a Box suggests the following to ameliorate the symptoms:

  • Get a dog! We suggest a standard poodle. Smart, clean and very loving. A nice change from kids.
  • Get a hobby! I took up rowing but some of my friends now garden, golf, do yoga, sail, ski, went back to school, and wrote a book.
  • Redecorate those extra rooms! Scrap the decals off the windows, pull down the Twilight posters, open the windows and let the smell out!
  • Move! Cruel, yes, but it prevents a reoccurrence of large house parties.
  • Take an extended vacation! Should I ever decide to do this, I would go to Australia.

Hey, I’m not a shrink! What do you suggest to help with symptoms of Empty Nest Disorder?

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