Summer Doldrums Disorder: Keep Suffering in Silence!

Medical Mojito

Medical Mojito?

Medical professionals around the world gathered last week for the annual conference on Summer Doldrums Disorder (SDD) funded by the Bosses Alliance for Work & Labor (BAWL). Attendees spent the week water skiing, golfing, sailing, playing tennis and canoing.

SDD is a debilitating mood disorder in which people who are normal throughout  the rest of the year experience malaise, dissatisfaction and grumpiness when forced to stay inside on warm, sunny days. These sufferers often daydream at work, thinking about sailing, swimming or even working in the garden instead of the tasks at hand.

Doctor at SDD Conference

Hard at work trying to find a cure for Summer Doldrum Disorder

Take this short quiz to see if you too might be afflicted with SDD:

  • Do you often look out the window?
  • Do you wish you were on on a beach instead of in a cubicle?
  • Do you day dream about being outside?
  • Do you dread working a 15-hour day in the summer?
  • Has anyone every, jokingly or earnestly, called you Boo Radley?
  • Is the bottle of suntan lotion you bought in May still ¾ full?

If you replied yes to any of the above questions you may have or be at risk to get SDD.

The remedy for this disease remains elusive and the medical professionals who attended this year’s conference believe another conference will be necessary to concoct a cure.

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