Training for the NY International Gift Fair

Next week I’ll be one of the 35,000 attendees at the International Gift Fair in NYC. Gay Gasser trains for buying at the NY Gift FairThis show has over 2800 exhibitors showcasing the best lines in the gifts business. I have been rigorously training for this event all summer and thought I would share a few of my Gift Show Attendee workout routines:

  • Each morning I caffeinate. In June I started with just one cup of weak coffee. I gradually increased the strength and quantity throughout July and can now tolerate 5 cups of full strength French Roast without twitching.
  • I have been practicing race walking. I warm up with a few arm swings, hamstring stretches and leg swings. I built a solid walk base this past winter by pacing back and forth in front of my desk. Once the weather began to warm I took it outside and increased my daily distance to 5 miles. I then worked on the speed starting at a leisurely stroll of 4 MPH and have amped it up to 6 MPH (thanks in large part to the coffee!). I cool down with calf, groin and shin stretches.
  • Strength training is essential! To accommodate the large volume of SWAG and catalogues I’ll need to carry, I have been spending several hours each day carrying a large backpack filled with boulders.
  • Another indispensable skill is being able to move through a large crowd quickly. This requires hours of practicing subtle, non-detectable shoving, continuous “Elbows Out” and the ability to leap over rolling suitcases, strollers and short people. All done with an innocent smile, I might add!

Phew! I’m tired just reading this!

I’m planning on looking for new items for our college care packages, get well gift boxes, corporate gift boxes and stocking stuffers. I welcome any thoughts on new products!

Mirth in a Box sells fun and unusual gifts, care packages and gift boxes.

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One Response to Training for the NY International Gift Fair

  1. Julie Hodson says:

    Gay, Clearly you’ve given your training the serious attention it deserves and you are ready to take home a medal at these events – would that be heavy medal?

    I’m always on the lookout for motivational gifts to send my college grads while I’m coaching them on their job search…
    “Great Boss” coffee mugs are everywhere. How about a “Looking for a Great Boss” mug?

    You get the idea!
    Good luck, Julie

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