Hopes Dashed by Summertime Crash Mended with Mirth

Holiday merriment detoured by accident that injured four including a recent summer games aspirant in rowing competition

Get Well Soon!Mirth in a Box recently sent out 4 custom gift boxes to a group of twenty somethings who were injured in Fourth of July car accident. Their injuries ran the gamut from dislocated joints, broken bones, internal injuries, cuts, bruises and wounded pride. For one of the injured, a world class rower and coach, it will mean taking some time off this summer, when rowing season is in full swing.

Get Well Care PackageAfter the initial treatment and mending of wounds, Mirth in a Box stepped in with some healthy medicine for long-term care. We created four custom Get Well gift boxes to keep them entertained and cheered up! The initial and ongoing prognosis? A rousing success!

“A heartfelt, personalized gift can give someone a big lift”, says Mirth in a Box founder Gay Gasser. “I can’t imagine a fruit basket or bouquet of flowers can have quite the same effect.”

The custom gift boxes from Mirth in a Box included a wide variety of things both Emergency Affirmation Buttonpractical and simply silly—from lap desks for the bedridden, a “Come and Get it Bell” (that one mother said was in constant use), Passive Aggressive & Eco Citation Nifty Notes (to hand out to annoying visitors), Borrow My Pen (a nifty writing implement emblazoned with really embarrassing sayings on them), Cartoon Noises & Classic Sounds Noise makers (that play the Looney Tunes sound track), an Emergency Affirmation Button that says, ”You’re Awesome” whenever it is pressed, Chocolate Buzz Bites (caffeinated chocolate chews) and many more gags and games.

Says Gay, “I have always felt the need to cheer people up when bad things happen but BX-CHEERK_1have struggled with what to send. When I created the idea of Mirth in a Box, I wanted to be able to send truly meaningful, personalized boxes would help fill that gift-giving gap. Happy endings like this are exactly what I had in mind. It shows the recipients that someone really cares and helps bring some joy right when it’s needed.”

Mirth in a Box creates fun and memorable gift boxes for nearly every occasion imaginable including birthdays, get well, summer camp care packages, college care packages, and many, many more. Gift senders can choose from recommended favorites or create their own gift box a la carte. Visit them online at http://www.mirthinabox.com.

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