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Recoil Rewinders- Good Idea?

We just ordered a case of medium Recoil Rewinders. We thought they would make pretty cool gifts for our friends with iPhones, iPods, smart phones……cords. Hmmmm. That might be everyone we know! Coming soon to Mirth in a Box! Mirth … Continue reading

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Prank Wars: Short Funny Video

Funny, funny video since I’m too lazy to write new material until after Labor Day. Once again, thanks Alex! Thank you Monica Smoot via Flckr for the dog with jester hat picture! Mirth in a Box sells fun & unusual … Continue reading

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Summer Doldrums Disorder: Keep Suffering in Silence!

Medical professionals around the world gathered last week for the annual conference on Summer Doldrums Disorder (SDD) funded by the Bosses Alliance for Work & Labor (BAWL). Attendees spent the week water skiing, golfing, sailing, playing tennis and canoing. SDD … Continue reading

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Quoridor? Should We Order This Game?

Mirth in a Box is ordering for the holidays and there are so many decisions to be made! We will be ordering the award-winning games, Cathedral and Quarto. Gaming experts are telling us that Quoridor is a best-seller. Have you … Continue reading

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King of Punsters: Royal Pain?

Bud Freund, the awesome BNI Tech Guy is also a fan of the pun. He sent me reams of puns a few weeks ago. Here’s few gems: Jokes about German sausage are the wurst. How does Moses make his tea? … Continue reading

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Garden Harvest of Jokes

Here’s a bushel of garden jokes. Corny? Yes. Olive a good pun! Why do melons have fancy weddings? Because they cantaloupe. Why do potatoes make good detectives? Because they keep their eyes peeled. Did you hear about the gardener who … Continue reading

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Paula Poundstone: One Funny Woman

Here are a few classic Paula Poundstone quotes: My mom said she learned how to swim when someone took her out in the lake and threw her off the boat. I said, ‘Mom, they weren’t trying to teach you how … Continue reading

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Life Lessons Learned at Comic Con: A Guest Post by Regina Gasser

Hey everybody! My name is Regina Gasser, and I am a Communication Major in good ol’ Springfield, Ohio. Recently, I got to go to Comic Con for school credit (no, seriously. I got to participate in a panel and everything!). … Continue reading

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Training for the NY International Gift Fair

Next week I’ll be one of the 35,000 attendees at the International Gift Fair in NYC. This show has over 2800 exhibitors showcasing the best lines in the gifts business. I have been rigorously training for this event all summer … Continue reading

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Contranyms: Crazy Contradictions

A contranym is a word that can mean the opposite of itself. Sometimes they are called “antagonyms”. Let’s look at few: Oversight (watchful control or something not noticed) The scholastic oversight committee made sure that no one cheated on the … Continue reading

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