5 Pranks To Play In The Office- Guest Blog Post by Ian Tompkins

Devil in the OfficeMy name’s Ian, nice to meet you. I work for Jokers’ Masquerade Halloween Costumes in the UK. As you can imagine, working in this kind of environment could and indeed does lead to clowning around at work. After all, it’s a fun industry and ultimately culminates with the most fun holiday of the year: Halloween.

I’ve worked here a long time. So long in fact that I tend to know things about the building, the phone system and even the furniture that my colleagues do not. This is (A) because I am very observant and attentive to detail and (B) because I know, as a relentlessly annoying practical joker that this information will lead to the eventual downfall and misery of my colleagues.

Today, I am going to share with you five of my favourite pranks to play on someone in your office that you can orchestrate without fear of getting fired, they’re ultimately harmless but, you must follow one rule. Make sure the target has a sense of humour!

My Top 5 Office Pranks

Disconnect the handset from the handset cordRemove Cord from Phone Prank

If your telephone are anything like ours, they will have a cord that plugs in to the handset. You can gently remove the cord from the handset and leave it resting so when the handset is picked up your target will be holding their handset yet the phone continues to ring.

Switch their keyboard keys

Remove Keys from Computer Keyboard PrankTake a look at your target’s keyboard. Notice most of the keys should be the same size and shape. You can actually prize the keys off a keyboard using a ruler or similar item without damaging them. Proceed to switch a couple of keys. If the recipient of this prank doesn’t touch type and pecks away at the keys like you and I, then they will become very confused why the letters T and D for example seem to be common spelling errors.

Fun-Tak the handset to the baseOffice Prank

This is a personal favourite of mine. If you take someone’s telephone and fun-tak (2-sided poster mounting tape) down both the earpiece and the mouthpiece and then proceed to call their phone, when they try to answer it they will lift-up the entire thing while it continues to ring. Simple yet amusing. We recommend wearing a Devil costume while doing this one, it’s pretty funny.

Loosen the wheels on the base of their chairRemove Chair Wheels Prank

Try not to kill an elderly workmate with this one. If your chairs are anything like ours here they will have wheels on the base. If you loosen three of the wheels, when weight is placed on the seat the wheels will pop off and your target will tumble over one of the arms. Not one to play on the CEO, unless you’ve just been fired.

Switch the right and left Mouse buttons on their PCGeek Office Prank

On your target’s PC click on start > settings > control panel > mouse (may need to switch to classic view to see mouse option, this may vary slightly depending on operating system) then proceed to check the box at the top that reads ‘switch primary and secondary buttons’, this will replace all right click function with the left and vice versa. Simply checking the box will invert the buttons so you’ll need to remember to rick click to close all the open windows and then shut down if you have to. This is very, very confusing and also very annoying. It doesn’t matter how many times they attempt to restart the machine, until the option is reversed the settings will remain.

So there you have it, please do try some of these pranks, they are largely harmless, although please don’t loosen the wheels on the chair of anyone over about 35, those brittle bones will turn to dust under a short fall. Let us know below in the comments what your favourite pranks are and if you had any luck with these.

Ian Tomkins works in Digital Marketing for Jokers’ Masquerade, a Halloween costume retailer in the UK. He has never met Tony Blair nor visited Buckingham Palace. He has been part of the Halloween industry for about 10 years. At this stage his colleagues dread April 1st.

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