Lindsey Barrow: Head Explodes But The Show Must Go On.

What does one do with a double major in Anthropology and Psychology from the Lindsey BarrowUniversity of Missouri? Moves to LA to study comedy! At least that’s what Lindsey Barrow did. Lindsey will be coming to NYC this weekend to perform in her first Del Close Marathon and she really, really excited. Let’s all give Lindsey a loud and raucous NYC welcome!

Lindsey and her UCB team Scandal! will be on stage at Friday June 29th at 9:00 PM at UCB East (153 3rd Street, btwn Avenue A and B). Write it down!

MiaB: Where are you from originally?
LB:  A small town outside of St. Louis, MO.

MiaB: What’s the name of your team?
LB: Scandal!  (coached by one Alex Berg)

MiaB: How long have you been with the UCB?
LB:  I’ve been on a UCB team for 7-8 months. I started taking classes the
day after I moved to Los Angeles, which was two years ago on June 18th

MiaB: What got you into improv?
LB:  I got into improv to write sketch.  I didn’t understand what longform
was at all.  I still remember the first time someone explained a
Harold to me.  I think my head nearly exploded.  Actually, harold’s
still make my head explode now.

MiaB: Who is your favorite improv performer/team to watch?
LB: My favorite teams are, by far, The Smokes, Convoy, and Bangarang!
Which is more than one team.  But they all offer such different
things!  I can’t choose just one.

MiaB: What has been your favorite moment doing improv?
LB: Cheeze, there’s a new one every week.  But I really like doing radio
harold’s with my team.  One of our best all time scenes came from
talking about lake shrimp.  You guys, there’s no such thing as lake
shrimp, and that’s why it was sooo funny.  Describing improv scenes is

MiaB: Have you ever performed at the Del Close Marathon before?
LB: This is my first time going to DCM and I’m sooo excited.  I hope I can
stay awake.  I get really cranky if I don’t get a lot sleep.  This is
more of an aside to my roommates.

MiaB: What time is your slot?
LB:   Scandal! performs at 9:00 pm at UCB East(Friday)

MiaB: Is there anything that you would like to say to the people out there in the internets?
LB: You can find me on twitter @lindseymbarrow if that’s how you roll.

Thank you, Lindsey! Good luck this weekend and we will follow you on Twitter!

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