Mel Cowan, Laughable & Lovable, Comes to Del Close Marathon

Mirth in a Box has always been a fan of Mel Cowan and we’re glad to be able to Mel Cowaninterview this stellar talent from the west coast. Mel will be performing at the 14th Annual Del CloseMarathon in NYC. The Del Close Marathon runs June 29th through July 1st this year. Still clueless? Check out some of our older posts about this rip-snorting weekend of improve comedy. Now clear your calendar and go!

MiaB: Where are you from originally?
MC:  Victoria, Texas

MiaB: What’s the name of your team?
MC: Sentimental Lady

MiaB: How long have you been with the UCB?
MC:  Since October ’05

MiaB: What got you into improv?
MC:  Saw ASSSSCAT. Fell in love. Downhill ever since.

MiaB: Who is your favorite improv performer/team to watch?
MC: Too many to name, but I’m a huge fan of the Harold teams at UCBTLA right now. I think they’re doing great work.

MiaB: What has been your favorite moment doing improv?
MC: Getting simultaneously cheered and booed for a horrible and completely accidental pun about shaving.

MiaB: Have you ever performed at the Del Close Marathon before?
MC: Yes. This is my fifth time (I think.)

MiaB: What time is your slot?
MC:   Sentimental Lady is Friday at 730 on the UCB main stage. I’ll also be performing with Rough Cut: The Improvised Movie and a few other late-night shows that I’ll bully my way into.

MiaB: Is there anything that you would like to say to the people out there in the internets?
MC: Stay strong and beautiful. Kind of like Angela Bassett.

Thanks, Mel! Now will you give us that autograph?

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