Casey Feigh Comes to Del Close Marathon: Caffeinated Comedy

Casey Feigh?  Just who is Casey Feigh?  Well if you don’t know, read on (OK, read Casey Feighanyway).  Casey will be performing many, many times with 7 different groups at the 14th Annual Del Close Marathon in NYC next weekend (June 29 through July 1).  The Del Close Marathon is a non stop celebration of long form comedy improve. Don’t miss it! And don’t miss Casey!

MiaB: Where are you from originally?
CF:  St. Cloud, MN

MiaB: What’s the name of your team?
CF: My UCB Teams are John Velvet (Harold team) & Werner Hotdog (we do an improvised documentary). I’m also performing in a bunch of fun/wacky late night shows with rediculous names like Pentagrampa & Alex Fernie’s Champagne Room

MiaB: How long have you been with the UCB?
I began studying with UCB about 5 years ago

MiaB: What got you into improv?
CF:  I was doing stand-up at the time and thought if I was funny in class, I would get booked at one of the various stand-up shows at the theater. I found out later that is not at all how they book their shows but by that time I was already in love with improv so it didn’t matter.

MiaB: Who is your favorite improv performer/team to watch?
CF: Short answer: Jim Woods. Long answer: UCB has so many great teams and performers. One of the things I love about DCM is every year I get to see somebody I’ve never seen before who completely blows my mind. In past years I remembering seeing Charlie Sanders, Thomas Middleditch & Adam Pally before they moved to LA and thinking “these guys are really good!” Some of my favorite teams are Sentimental Lady, Last Day of School & Bangarang!

MiaB: What has been your favorite moment doing improv?
CF: Oh man, such a tough question. I love something about almost every show I’ve ever done. I think that’s why it’s so addicting. I definitely remember some moments and shows more than others. I remember almost every moment of my first Harold at UCB with my then team Delicatessen. I remember Hip Hop Penguin crushing our opening rap at Cagematch and commenting out loud “we killed dat!” which the audience really dug. There’s a two-man show I did with Dave Theune at an indie show that may be my favorite show of all time & my current Harold Team has had a few shows over the past couple months that I absolutely loved. It’s too hard to pick a favorite but I will say the thing I’m most proud of is starting Crashbar Improv ( & the AMAZING success of the first ever LA Indie Improv Festival.

MiaB: Have you ever performed at the Del Close Marathon before?

CF: Yes. I took last year off but was there in 2009 & 2010. Super excited to be coming back!

MiaB: What time is your slot?
CF:   Werner Hotdog – Friday, 9pm at Hudson Guild Theatre
Pentagrampa – Saturday, 12:15am at UCBeast
Police! Pull Over! – Saturday, 1:15am at UCB Theatre
Alex Fernie’s Champagne Room – Saturday, 1:30am at UCB Theatre
Mary. Todd. Lincoln! – Saturday, 3:15am at UCB Theatre
Fridge-Prov – Saturday, 4:45am at UCB Theatre
John Velvet – Sunday, 3:45pm at Urban Stages

MiaB: Is there anything that you would like to say to the people out there in the internets?
CF: Go outside! It’s beautiful out.

We will, Casey. We will go outside right after we follow you on Twitter @internetcasey. 

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