Steve Szlaga Comes to Del Close: Hot Hot Hot Comic Talent!

Mirth in a Box is pleased to interview another young LA improver, Steve Szlaga. Steve Steve Szlaga, rising improv starwill be performing at the 14th Annual Del Close Marathon in NYC next weekend. This 3 day celebration of long form comedy improv runs June 29th through July 1st. If you weren’t already planning on going-start planing now!!!

MiaB: Where are you from originally?
SS:  Detroit, MI

MiaB: What’s the name of your team?
SS: Scandal!

MiaB: How long have you been with the UCB?
SS:  4 years

MiaB: What got you into improv?
SS:  I did drama in high school and found myself enjoying our improv exercises at rehearsal more than the actual performances. Improv is the perfect way for the writer in me and the performer in me to come together and create something awesome. Also it’s the only team sport I don’t suck at.

MiaB: Who is your favorite improv performer/team to watch?
SS: I love watching The Smokes and Sentimental Lady. Brian Gallivan and Mike Leffingwell are my two favorite improvisors to watch.

MiaB: What has been your favorite moment doing improv?
SS: The first group I was ever in, Benderdangle, competed in the UCB Cagematch. We beat the reigning champs and had a 5 week run of victories. At one point we did a scene where all four of us were in a sensual pottery class. None of us spoke for the entire scene. We just sat and made erotic pottery on our pottery wheels. The longer we went without speaking and the more we committed to being turned on by the pottery, the more the audience laughed. I’ve always loved improv and have had plenty of similar moments, but this one stands out as the first time I was in a scene, looked at my scene partners, and just thought  “This right here is the perfect moment.”

MiaB: Have you ever performed at the Del Close Marathon before?
SS: Twice.

MiaB: What time is your slot?
SS:   Friday at 9pm at UCBeast.

MiaB: Is there anything that you would like to say to the people out there in the internets?
SS: Cool it with the negativity. It gets you nowhere, keeps you down, and your friends hate it.

Steve is on Twitter!  Check out him out: @Szzzzlaga. We dare you to follow him. Thanks, Steve!

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