Troll Sighting Near Burr Homestead

Fairfield, CT

According to a friend of a friend, a small, naked troll was seen strolling past the Burr Troll in ShrubsHomestead late Friday night. A passerby chased the troll in to some shrubbery and quickly phoned her best friend.

News of the sighting quickly spread through out the beach area. Neighbors banded together to ferret out the nostalgic plaything but to no avail.

Burr Homestead, Fairfield, CTResidents are urged to report any missing Lucky Charms, Nutter Butters or Spam to the local police. Trolls are primarily omnivorous but prefer snacks with little or no nutritional value.

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4 Responses to Troll Sighting Near Burr Homestead

  1. Brian says:

    Spam? Trolls eat Spam?

    (Well, I guess someone has to…)

    • A Troll says:

      No. This is misinformation

      • Gay says:

        European trolls, not surprisingly, have evolved into their own subspecies and have different dietary requirements, nesting habits and exhibit large amounts of body hair. This troll, Mr Troll, was a North American Troll. I can tell by your terse reply you are a European Troll. Probably from Southern Norway.

    • Gay says:

      Trolls with eat anything processed including chicken nuggets. The key is to check the label and make sure there is a zero after anything w/ RDA. That’s why trolls have those big stomachs.

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