Scott Neiman: His Humor will Grow on You!

Sorry, Scott but lettuce tell everyone that you have degrees in both Environmental Scott NeimanHorticulture and Landscape Architecture. Weed love to talk plants with you but we’re plum out of thyme. Look for Scott Neiman at the 14th Annual Del Close Marathon June 29 through July 1st in NYC. Three days of long form improv comedy!

MiaB: Where are you from originally?
SN:  Santa Monica, California

MiaB: What’s the name of your team?
SN: Scandal!

MiaB: How long have you been withUCB?
SN: 4 wonderful years and counting.

MiaB: What got you into improv?
SN:  Late 90’s “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” and all kinds of sketch comedy that I would watch on TV–mostly “Kids in The Hall” and “Monty Python”.

MiaB: Who is your favorite improv performer/team to watch?
SN: The Smokes never cease to amaze me.

MiaB: What has been your favorite moment doing improv?
SN: When two of my scene partners were prompted to provide a random number and they said the same number simultaneously without hesitation. It was group-mind-magical. Ok, happy coincidence but still magical.

MiaB: Have you ever performed at the Del Close Marathon before?
SN: Yes! Strip-prov two years ago. It was a success?

MiaB: What time is your slot?
SN:  Friday, 9PM at UCBeast!

MiaB: Is there anything that you would like to say to the people out there in the internets?
SN: Yes!

Thanks, Scott! We’re sure your show will be a bushel of laughs! (Please note all puns are from Mirth in a Box. Scott’s bio was just such fertile ground for punning).

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