FDA Considers Ban on Endorphins

Runners Experiencing Endorphin Euphoria

Or is it the Gatorade?

Endorphin addicts have doubled in the past 4 decades since the passage of Title IX in 1972. This up tick in “natural highs” has caused the FDA to consider banning “endogenous morphine” aka endorphins.

Endorphins cause a short, intense feeling of well being that is often referred to as a “runners high”. It is speculated that this rise in endorphin popularity might also be caused by its low cost, the fitness boom, and global warming.

Scientists first noticed excessive endorphins in wealthy suburbs and college campuses but note that it has now spread throughout  the general population. Some of the tell tale signs of endorphin addiction are euphoria, increased energy, pain tolerance, loss of weight, and craving for more exercise. Secondary side effects include lower blood pressure, decreased body fat, blisters and shin splints.

” This is a very serious threat to the health and safety of the American people” claims a spokesperson for FFF (Fried Food Federation). “We urge the government to step in an quickly ban all use of endorphins.

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One Response to FDA Considers Ban on Endorphins

  1. LOL But you forgot to mention Chiles. A whole lot of people get their endorphin rush from eating really, really HOT stuff. Hot Wings, Chile Ice Cream

    What About The Capsaicin Addiction?

    It is said that the burning sensation from capsaicin is addictive. It is also said that one becomes conditioned to this sensation. The reason is that during the eating of chiles, a chemical in the chile pepper called Capsaicin, irritates the trigeminal cells. These are pain receptor cells located throughout the mouth, the nose and the throat. When your body’s nerves feel the pain induced by the chemical on these cells, they immediately start to transmit pain messages to your brain. Your brain receives these signals and responds by automatically releasing endorphins (the body’s natural painkiller). These endorphins kick in and act as a painkiller and at the same time, create a temporary feeling of euphoria, giving the chile pepper eater, a natural high.
    The body’s other responses include increasing the heart rate to increase the metabolism, increasing salivation in order to try and refresh the mouth and by increasing the rate of sweating by the body. Your nose also starts to run and the gastrointestinal tract slips into high speed. Hot & spicy food lovers soon begin to crave these feelings and are soon hooked. [copied from http://faq.gardenweb.com/faq/lists/pepper/2002075348029538.html%5D

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