An Interview With Bo Obama, The First Dog

MiaB: Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to sit down with us.President Barak Obama and His Dog Bo

Bo: You’re very welcome.

MiaB: Tell us about a typical day.

Bo: My day consists of a series of squirrel chasing sessions, walks and naps. I have unlimited access to kibble and USDA Grade A Alpo. A member of the staff walks me on weekdays; the family usually takes me out on weekends. I like to sleep with Maila and Sasha. They smell good and neither snores.

Official Portrait of Bo Obama, First DogMiaB: Recently there has been quite the kerfuffle about the fact that your owner, President Obama, ate dog meat as a child. Did this revelation make you uncomfortable?

Bo: Initially, yes. After several canine therapy sessions, I’ve been able to put that behind me.

MiaB: Conversely, Mitt Romney was said to have strapped his dog’s kennel, with his dog inside, to the top of his car. How do you feel about this practice?

Bo: I can’t speak for the Romney pet, but I prefer to ride shotgun with my nose out an open window. Rumor has it that when Romney’s dog was asked where he wanted to sit he said,”Ruff” and they thought he said “Roof!”

MiaB: How do you find celebrity?

Bo: Rough.

MiaB: We have to ask you this. What’s on the outside of a tree?

Bo: Really? Bark.

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4 Responses to An Interview With Bo Obama, The First Dog

  1. Josh Petty says:

    HaHa, pretty smart for a dog!

    All kidding aside, Portuguese water dogs are awesome.

  2. Clay G says:

    Love that the first family always has a dog!

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