Oh Hoppy Day! Frog and Toad Jokes

  • What jumps up and down in front of a car? Frog lights!Frog
  • What’s a Toads favorite ballet? Swamp Lake!
  • What do you call a girl with a frog in her hair? Lily!
  • Why did the frog feel lonely? He was newt to the area!
  • What kind of frog has horns? A bullfrog!
  • Where do frogs keep their money? A riverbank!
  • What do you say to a hitchhiking frog? Hop in!
  • When is a car like a frog? When it is being toad!
  • What do you say when you meet a toad? Wart’s new?
  • What’s a frog’s favorite flower? Croak-us!
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