Del Close Marathon 2012: Look for Rudy Behrens

Mirth in a Box will be conducting a series of interviews with the performers at 2012 Boy ButterDelClose Marathon in NYC.

What’s your name? Rudy Behrens

Where are you from? Northern California

What’s the name of your team? Boy Butter

How long have you been with the UCB? I’ve been a student since February 2009

What got you into improv? I left San Francisco State University early knowing I wanted to perform comedy, but not specifically how.  I found a link for the UCB on the Mr. Show website ( and it sounded like what I was looking for. So I moved to New York already enrolled in a 101 class, not even knowing exactly what longform improv was, but as soon as I saw my first show, Harold Night, I was sure I had made the right decision.

Who is your favorite improv performer/team to watch? The first year I spent in NYC I saw the Stepfathers perform almost every Friday night.  They were the first team I was obsessed with and they’re still one of my favorites. That’s a tough question, so I’ll spare the reader a huge list and leave it at that. The Stepfathers.

What has been your favorite moment doing improv? Last year Boy Butter had a bit of a winning streak in the UCBW Cagematch tournament.  The first of those shows, our first win, was incredible.  I’m not on a house team, so to do a great set to a sold out UCB Theatre with a group I love is just the best.  I’m still high from it almost a year later.

Have you ever performed at the Del Close Marathon before? Yeah this will be my third year as a performer.  This year both of my groups have considerably better time slots, so I’m pretty jazzed.

What time is your slot? Boy Butter at Urban Stages, 1 AM on Sunday.  I can also be seen with another excellent group, SWOON, on the UCB main stage at 6:45 AM on Sunday.  I believe the schedule is subject to change still, so stay posted.

Is there anything that you would like to say to the people out there in the internet? Oh my.  Well Internet, if this is your first DCM there’s a lot to see.  I say make friends with someone with marathon experience right away and get some advice.  To me, the Del Close Marathon is sacred- a high holy holiday.  Go see Wicked Fuckin’ Queeyah!  Beyond that, Internet, be kind.  You are so full of information and wonder, but so capable of cruelty.  But most importantly, Internet- find me at and @rudybehrens on twitter. If you’re interested in Boy Butter just google “Boy Butter improv”.  If you leave out the “improv” part you will find something completely different (sex lube).

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