Connecticut to Undergo Treatment for Low Self Esteem

Fairfield, CT

The US Department of State Psychiatry (USDSP) has announced that Connecticut will under go Connecticut, One Small State!treatment for low self esteem effective immediately. “There are serious long term implications in having a state, so close to NYC and other population-dense areas, with this sort of mental instability,” said a spokesman for the USDSP late Friday.

CT has always has feeling of inadequacy stemming from it being one of the smallest of the United States. Rhode Island, its neighbor and the tiniest state in the union, has made up for its lack of size by adopting an aggressive swagger. CT on the other hand has tried to keep a stiff upper lip and has become increasingly emotionally stunted.

Therapy will include changing the state motto from, “ He Who Transplanted Still Sustains” to  “You are Awesome”and daily self-affirmation sayings by Governor Malloy.

Peacock- CT's New State Bird

Move over, Robin!

The state bird, once the common robin is now a male peacock with plumage spread and crest erect.

The USDSP will access Connecticut’s progress after three months to determine whether pharmaceutical intervention will be necessary.

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  1. Harriet says:

    Born and raised in CT, thank goodness I got out in time!

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