Coughing & Screaming Ashtray: In Search of the Perfect Prank

Lab Notes: Numerous studies show that most people don’t want their houses stinking ofCoughing, Screaming Ashtray gag gift tobacco but are too tender to ban the smokers in their lives to the back porch. We thought a Couching and Screaming Ashtray was the perfect balance between accommodation and recrimination. Our lab staff leapt at the chance to try out this novel home accessory.

Testing: Some assembly was needed to make this prank work. 2 AA batteries were required but were not included. A tiny Phillips head screwdriver was also needed to insert the batteries. This ashtray works by principle of photo sensitivity-when the sensors are denied light (by placing a cigarette in the trough) the coughing and/or screaming commences. The right side coughs, the left screams and groans. Our staff tested each side over 50 times with a 100% success rate. It was funny the first 40 times.

Conclusions: Surprisingly, this item was extremely popular with all our testers- rabid anti-smokers and ardent nicotine aficionados alike. We decided to make the Coughing and Screaming Ashtray an add in for our “Quit Smoking!” gift basket and, of course, we include the batteries and a mini screwdriver set.

You can find the Coughing and Screaming Ashtray in the world’s first (well, we think so) gift basket for smokers and ex-smokers, “Quit Smoking!”

Visit our YouTube channel to see Dr. Alex testing this piece of plastic perfection.





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4 Responses to Coughing & Screaming Ashtray: In Search of the Perfect Prank

  1. Shane C says:

    Love this.

    Best prank I have come across in a long time was the Fart Machine. It worked like a charm.

  2. Gay says:

    We got low brow humor covered-whoopie cushions, stink bombs and fake dog poop!

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