Public Service Announcement: Mothers’ Day is Coming!

Mirth in a Box (why yes, yes we do sell gifts, why do you ask?) wants to make sure you Minivan Mom Survival Kitremember Mothers Day this year!

  • Roses are red violets are blue
  • Sugar is sweet and so are you.

Would you send this trite and tired poem to your mother? I Happy Mother Day Gift Boxcertainly hope not! So why send roses or chocolates again? Mirth in a Box has created 2 very special gift boxes for Mothers Day: Minivan Moms Survival Kit and Happy Mothers Day. Don’t forget Grandma and your very special aunt. That’s all I’m going to say on the subject.

Hot SauceFYI my oldest son sent me a fine assortment of hot sauces with names like Rectal Rampage and Anal Assault. He knows what I like.

Looking for a fun and unusual gift? Mirth in a Box has over 40 premade gift boxes. Want to create your own special gift box? Check out our Build Your Own Gift Box section.


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