Some Truth about Living with Your First Roommate-Guest Post by Justin McGenity

When a lot of young people venture off to college on their own, it is their first time living Living with a College Roommatewith someone besides their immediate family. Having to deal with a new environment on top of being crammed in close vicinity with other people inside the Freshman dorms can be an eye-opening experience. Here are a few comparisons on life at home with the family versus living with your new roommate.

#1. Expect to see them naked

Unless your family is intensely shy, and you are incredibly lucky, you have seen some members of your family naked. When you live with someone long enough, it simply happens. You can expect the same from your roommate. Whether your dorm has a community shower, or you happen to come in the room while they are changing, close proximity and time make a close encounter with your roommate’s bare genitalia an inevitability. Be sure not to scream when it happens.

#2. Expect to see them having sex.

We all have either heard of people walking in on their parents in the middle of love-making, or been unfortunate enough to do so ourselves. The sight of someone you know rutting about and moaning can be disturbing, but remember that when you find your first college lover, you might be the one caught in the act. One key difference from home to college, unless you are from Alabama, is that when you walk in on your roommate, you might find yourself unexpectedly invited to join in on their merriment.

#3. Expect to see some substance abuse.

As the second part of the debauchery trifecta of “sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll,” drugs are rampant on college campuses. For our more sheltered youngsters, it can be shocking to see people bringing out beer, liquor, weed, cocaine, or more. For others, you have seen your parents or siblings partake enough times to know what the deal is, and if they never shared before, then there is your chance to try it out.

#4. Expect your food to be eaten.

Even the rattiest Freshman dormitories these days tend to come with a microfridge. These are great for storing frozen burritos, leftover fast food, and hot dogs. Just remember that there is nothing keeping your roommate from eating that last burrito you were looking forward to having after your classes, just as there was nothing keeping your little sibling from snagging the last of the ice cream from the freezer.

#5. Expect the unexpected.

There is no telling what kind of person you will end up living with when you get to your dorm. They could be a stereotypical jock or cheerleader,listening to nothing but pop music and constantly partying. They could be a home-schooled mouth-breather who watches you while you sleep. They could be a chronic masturbator. Keep an open mind, and remember that everyone is their own special, unique snowflake.

Justin McGenity is a freelance writer, programmer, and contributor to He attended college at Georgia Southern University. Thank you to for providing this informative post! You can follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

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