Sexto de Mayo- Did I Do That?

Cinco de Mayo, though originally meant to celebrate Mexican heritage, has become a day Mariachi Bandthat is synonymous with party! Ah! Tacos burritos, guacamole, nachos platters washed down with Tequila Sunrises, Marguerites, and cold Dos XXs all enjoyed with a decibel-laden Mariachi band. What could be finer? This year Cinco de Mayo falls on a Saturday. Do remember that after Cinco de Mayo comes Sexto de Mayo.

So amigos, here are a few suggestions to help you wake up on Sexto de Mayo with your pride in tact:

Nachos1. Do not steal the bouncer’s sombrero

2. Stay away from Tattoo parlors

3. No need to tweet after 3 drinks

4. Don’t call old lovers

5. Bring super-sized Beano to the restaurant.

6. Remember there is nothing similar between a mariachi band and a karaoke bar

7. Do not order you tequila con gusano (with worm)

8. Remember photos are forever.

We’ll be celebrating at ground zero for Cinco de Mayo, Taco Loco.

Vaya con Dios!

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