St Joseph Sells Houses? Fact or Fiction?

Saint Joseph Sells Your House!The Claim: Bury a statue of Saint Joseph upside down in the yard of a house that is on the market and it will sell in record time.

Realtors across the United States are reluctant to admit that occasionally the fresh paint, window boxes and splashy ads fail to sell their listings. Sometimes all it takes is a shovel, bit of painted plastic in the dirt and crossed fingers. Jews and Gentiles alike can attest to seemingly miraculous sales occurring shortly after St Joe was called upon to help. Urban legend? Maybe but why not give it a try?

Since both Jill and Gay were realtors, Mirth in a Box decided to carry this smiling little plastic statuette of St Joseph let us know if it works for you. Special discounts for bulk sales to realtors!

We really do want to know if this works! Send us your stories!

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