Mirthful Literacy: A Guest Post by Famous Author, Mary Goodbody

Mirth is always delighted to have a guest blogger. Today we are over the moon to have Mary What a Doll, Jane Austen!Goodbody, long time friend (sounds better than old friend, right?) and author write for us. Thanks, Mary!

Mirth in a Box is nothing if not literary. First of all, just the name is pretty high falutin’. How many people know what “mirth” means?  (Hint: joyous gaiety; festive jollity; humorous amusement; glee; hilarity) And then check out the Jane Austen Doll. If a lot of folks don’t know what mirth means, a lot more have never heard of Jane Austen! Who? Was she on The Voice or American Idol? Maybe she danced with the stars.

Banned Book MugBut Mirth’s best nod to literary literacy is a very handsome mug. Yes. A mug. Everyone needs another mug, right? How else to drink coffee or cocoa? This one is a treat for the bookish in Mirth’s database because it’s inscribed with the names of banned books.

Hard to believe anyone bothers to ban books. To do so implies we read them. But before Jersey Shore and the Housewives of Everywhere, before Fox News took to scolding MSNBC and the Onion took on both, there were books with “dangerous ideas.” Mirth’s mug reminds us that once we couldn’t read Lolita,  Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Catcher in the Rye, or Catch-22. Who knew? Did Jane Austen write those books?

Mary Goodbody  has a blog where she chronicles the lives (and sometimes deaths) of the animals on her family’s farm. Mary is the senior editor at Cookstr.com. Cookstr.com is the place on the internet to look for cookbook recipes. You can also find Mary’s recipes on FamilyTime.com.

Mirth in a Box sells fun and unusual gifts including the Banned Book Mug and Jane Austin Doll. Please visit out site, www.MirthinaBox.com, to see our vast selection of gifts and gift boxes.

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2 Responses to Mirthful Literacy: A Guest Post by Famous Author, Mary Goodbody

  1. Judy says:

    Who’s Jane Austen? (Or Jane Austin, as I recently read on some blog; obviously a writer of Western novels.)

  2. Gay says:

    I think Jane is the nanny in “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”.

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