Welcome to the Dog House: Gift Ideas for the New Puppy

Remember when you had your first-born child? Your friends spent hundreds of dollars on baby shower presents and then had to cough up for more gifts after the baby was born? At every gathering all you talked about was the birth, the baby, its babblings? Your Facebook feed spat out a new baby picture every hour; the child was glued to your hip. Well, it’s payback time!!!!!

Now your best bud has gotten a dog. You can look forward to lots of puppy pictures,  and possibly videos, as well as muddy paw prints, stray hairs on your clothes, and noxious flatulence. Do not forget to send a gift to your friend and his/her new puppy!  Mirth in a Box has cooked up two boxes that we think every dog owner will sit up and beg for:

Bow Wow Love Gift for Dog OwnersBow Wow Love and Wag the DogIn these delightful boxes you’ll find an assortment of treats for man and beast and we threw in a classic prank-Fake Dog Poop from SS Adams. So quick, go to www.MirthinaBox.com and send a gift that your friend will never forget!



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6 Responses to Welcome to the Dog House: Gift Ideas for the New Puppy

  1. Oscar says:

    OMG! Love it especially the Bowser Beer!. You guys are so clever.

    • Gay says:

      The Bowser Beer, Oscar, is for the dogs, not for you! Non alcoholic and filled with good things for the four-legged. If you drank it we think you might grow fangs and howl at the moon…but your coat would be shiny!

  2. Steve says:

    As soon as someone gets a dog they are destined to buy them tons of toys, think chew toys.

    We got the doggy beer one time and our dog would not eat it.

  3. Carry says:

    Do you guys house your own merchandise? What other dog stuff do you have?

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