Mirth Employee Spontaneously Combusts

Fairfield, CT

A disgruntled employee at the Mirth in a Box corporate headquarters, Eva

Pile of Ashes

Eva Destruction, R.I.P.

Destruction, “went postal” yesterday and allegedly caused the spontaneous combustion of fellow employee, Frank Furter, during a heated argument in the lunchroom. Ms. Destruction had been heard earlier in the day bemoaning that she had yet to receive the coveted ” Employee of the Month” award and  took particular umbrage to the fact that Mr. Furter had garnered the award for April.

Dixie Kupp, head of R and D at Mirth, described the following, ” Eva was just finishing her Lean Cusine when she began to taunt Frank and called him a weenie brown-noser. Frank came back with, ‘ I’m a mirror. Whatever you say to me goes back to you.’ Eva then sputtered obscenities and stared at Frank with pure venom. A faint green wisp appeared about 3 inches above his head, then moments later he evaporated without a sound leaving only a pile of ash in his chair.”

Winner: Gold Medal Bottle OpenerMiss Destruction was taken to Bridgeport Hospital for psychiatric observation.  The Fairfield Police plan to catch up with Mr. Furter’s relatives to grill the about their possible roles/rolls in this affair. “We are not relishing relinquishing Frank’s ashes to the Furter Family.” said Colonel Mustard of the FPD.

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  1. julianne says:

    I hope this story is true!

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