Fifty Shades of Green

International Mother Earth Day is April 22nd and the color of the day is green! We Green Crayonstook that literally and tired to list as many different shades and variations of green as we could.

First, let’s go to the masters of color, Crayola. Here’s what you’ll find in your crayon box: Green, Blue Green, Green Blue, Yellow Green, Pine Green, Sea Green, Aquamarine, Caribbean Green, Electric Lime, Granny Smith Apple, Asparagus, Inchworm, Jungle Green, Magic Mint, Mountain Meadow, Olive Green, Screamin’ Green, Shamrock, and lastly, Tropical Rain Forest.

Wow! We then came up with a few more: Grass Green, Celadon, British Racing Green, Neon Green, Emerald, Chartreuse, Kelly Green, Sea Foam Green, Moss, Olive, Pea Green, Sage, Verdigris, and Malachite. Send us any we might have missed!

As Kermit said, “It’s not easy being green”, but with so many types of green to choose from we hope you can find one to fit your personality.

Mirth in a Box sells fun gifts for people of all colors! May we suggest the following gifts for the deeply green: Eco Cup, Eco Citations Nifty Notes, Global Warming MugEndangered Species Cards.


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2 Responses to Fifty Shades of Green

  1. Ed says:

    Corn Blue was always one of my favorites

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