“American Idle” Season One Try Outs Announced

Fairfield, CT

They come from across the United States. ¬†Out of America’s dens and family rooms, rec American Idle contestants?rooms and basements hideaways. They’ve abandoned their sofas, their beanbags, and their Barcaloungers in search of becoming the first “American Idle“.

In an attempt to put the REAL back into reality TV, the producers of “American Idle” have elevated the status of the show’s viewers. “Most people are not talented singers, dancers, cooks or related in by marriage to the Kardashians. This show celebrates our observers.” said Ivana Sitz, a spokesperson for the show.

A series of tryouts will be held across the United States. Contestants will be judged on Couch Potato!sloth, hours spent watching reality TV, and blandness.

Judges have not been announced but Hollywood insiders claim that Kevin Federline and several Baldwin brothers are on the short list.

Mirth in a Box heard this from a friend of a friend who lives in California.

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