Hello Book Lovers Where Ever You Are!

According to a numerous polls, the percentage of people who own some sort of digital Books, Books, Booksreading device is now around 30%. Giving gifts to our bookish friends, who were so easy to buy for in the pre-Kindle era, now requires some thought. In response to these frustrations, Mirth in a Box created a box simply called, “ Book Lovers Box. In this box you’ll find 3 very satisfying gifts:

Banned Book Mug– well-crafted, solid mug that sports many beloved banned books. See how many you can guess!

Book Lover Gift BoxNotable Novelists of the 20th Century This card game is similar to Authors or Go Fish but uses novelists such as Kurt Vonnegut and Nora Zeale Hurston instead of Aces & Hearts or Edgar Allen Poe & Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Book Lover Magnets Over 200 well-written words to woo your favorite wordsmith. No refrigerator, locker or file cabinet should be without a few nouns, verbs and adjectives to inspire and amuse any literature lover.

We can guarantee the “Book Lovers Box” will delight the readers in your life. Send one now!

Mirth in a Box sells fun custom gifts for all those special people in your life. Please visit our site, www.MirthinaBox.com to view all the great gifts we offer!

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4 Responses to Hello Book Lovers Where Ever You Are!

  1. Jenny P says:

    Love this box! I heard you had Adam and Eve mugs that the fig leaf disappeared when it got hot! Want one…

  2. Leslie says:

    My aunt is a published author, and I just recently sent her the Book Loves box for her 60th birthday. She LOVED it! She’s been drinking her morning tea in her new banned books mug.


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