Cocktails, Anyone?

It was pointed out to me that I have not written about any Mirth in a Box products Cocktail Party Gift Boxsince Jan 28th. Ooops. Hope they don’t fire me!

What’s with cocktail parties? I see tons of blog posts about themes for cocktail parties, different drinks for cocktail parties, decorations for cocktail parties, cool invitations for cocktail parties….but what does one do at a cocktail party?

I have been to countless cocktail parties where there has been nothing to do but snack, drink and chitchat to people I don’t know. This is not my idea of a good time perhaps because I don’t drink much, perhaps because I tend to spill my food while gesticulating, perhaps because I try to talk to the wall flowers…and then I find out why they are alone.

Anne, Jill and I put our heads together and came up with “Cocktails, Anyone?” In this box you’ll find a collection of items that will get your guests talking. We’ve also included a set of 50 drinking games. A bell to ring in the festivities, funny ID tags for wine glasses and beer bottles, Sword’oeuvres to spread the pate on your crackers and a very funny notepad called “Rate That Wine”.

Bring this to your next cocktail party! Guaranteed guffaws!

Mirth in a Box sells plenty of really cool gift boxes that make wonderful hostess gifts. May we suggest: Cocktails, Anyone?, Wine OH!,  or Pop the Cork? You can also create your own custom gift box on our build a gift box page. How fun is that?

Now can I go back to writing nonsense?



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