Easter Egg Hunt

While waiting in line at the drug store to pick up my Metamucil(kidding!!), I spotted bags of plastic Pink Rabbit PeepsEaster eggs that screamed, “Easter Egg Hunt!” No little kids in our house but Alex and Pete were game. Couldn’t pull the wool over their eyes even though I thought I had some ingenious hiding places.

Pete Crushed Alex at Finding Easter Eggs

Surprisingly, Pete collected almost twice as many eggs as Alex did. Good thing because I looted his spare change bank to fill many of the eggs. The peeps were used as decoys. I was quite proud of the pink rabbit peeps tableau seen in the photo above.  Eagle-eyed Pete did find the plastic pink egg hidden inside.

Sorry, Liz! You missed it. That’s what you get for moving to Oregon.

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  1. Maurice says:

    Who are alex pete and liz? One of thems in Oregon?

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