Peep Show: Easter Eye Candy

Marshmallow peeps are those ubiquitous, yellow, chicken-shaped candies we find in Marshmallow Peeps on Paradeevery Easter Basket. Originally created by the Just Born candy company in Bethlehem, PA in the mid 1950’s, these decorative sugary confections have morphed into every animal in the petting zoo and can be found in blue, pink, and purple. Some people love them and eat them without any fanfare, but for the rest of the population, what does one do with these super sweet treats? Mirth in a Box tried to use them for  S’Mores . Eh. Frustrated, we went straight to the definitive source,  and found 3 pages of recipes. Really! We also noticed that the peeps seemed to shine best as “eye candy” and not as the main event. What do you do with your marshmallow peeps?                                                                                                    Mirth in a Box sells funny and unusual gift boxes for most every holiday. Next year we’ll do Easter. Promise. In the meantime, check out our web site for fun gift ideas,

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2 Responses to Peep Show: Easter Eye Candy

  1. Peeps are great roasted like marshmallows. Happy Easter!

  2. Gay says:

    Ouch! We’ll try that!

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