The Kardashians Take Over College Basketball?

Kansas Jay HawkThe Kardashians: Khloe, Kim and Kortney along with family members, Kris ( the mother), Kylie and Kendall, have long been supporters of men’s basketball. The Kardashian’s  support has ranged from merely attending  games up to dating and  marrying the players. Khloe is married to Dallas Maverick, Lamar Odom and Kim was briefly married Kris Humphries of the NJ Nets. We’d like to point out the Kris Humpries has 2 sisters called Krystal and Kaela. Do you see where we are going with this?

Suspiciously, both Kentucky and Kansas will be in the NCAA men’s basketball final tomorrow night. Rumors have been swirling that the Kardashians paid off both Ohio State and Louisville to take the fall allowing the K teams to advance.

Well I say,”Krap!”

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2 Responses to The Kardashians Take Over College Basketball?

  1. Ed says:

    Ok, that was far too many K’s 🙂

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