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How to Spot a Bracketologist: A PSA from Mirth in a Box

As NCAA basketball tip off time draws nearer, psychologists are seeing an increase in Bracketology related complaints. Mirth in a Box asked several experts to compile a list of warning signs to help a recognize the symptoms of Bracketology. Be … Continue reading

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Blooming Flower Jokes!

Gardeners and Gardenias! We rooted around the internet to present to you with a bumper crop of flower jokes and puns: What were King Tut’s favorite flowers? Chrysanthemummies! What did the lawyer say to the judge? Iris my case! What … Continue reading

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Lactose Intolerance Deemed a Psychosomatic Illness

Mirth in a Box exclusive! The NMPF(National Milk Producers Federation) funded a yearlong study, which concluded that Lactose Intolerance is really a psychosomatic illness. “These self-pitying milk haters have been bent on smearing the good name of dairy farmers everywhere.” … Continue reading

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Meowch! Cat Jokes and Cute Kitten Picture

Shhhh! I do not own a cat but I have been told that people love them. In fact, I think I am┬áthe only person I know, besides my husband and children, that doesn’t have a cat. As an homage to … Continue reading

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March In Like a Lamb? Ask Paul Brickman!

In like a lion, out like a lamb. We’ve all heard the old saying, which refers to the volatility of March weather. The lion represents the harsh winds, bitterly cold temperatures and late winter snow storms. The lamb represents warmth, … Continue reading

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