Basketball Jokes-Slam Dunks or Rim Shots?

Mirth in a Box attempts some basketball humor. Yeah. We spend every game on the bench.

Basketball PlayerWhy are basketball players such messy eatersThey are always dribbling!

Why was Cinderella thrown off the team? She ran away from the ball!

Why did the chicken cross the basketball courtHe heard the ref was blowing fouls….

Why do basketball players love donutsBecause they can dunk them!

What’s the difference between a dog and a basketball playerOne drools, the other dribbles

What’s a cheerleader’s favorite colorYeller!

Why did the basketball player go to jailBecause he shot the ball!

What do the cheerleaders drink during the game? Root beer!

How do the basketball players cool off during the gameThey stand near the fans.

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2 Responses to Basketball Jokes-Slam Dunks or Rim Shots?

  1. Billy, 6 year old says:

    I don’t get the third one

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