March In Like a Lamb? Ask Paul Brickman!

In like a lion, out like a lamb. We’ve all heard the old saying, which refers to the volatility of March weather. The lion represents the harsh winds, bitterly cold temperatures and late winter snow storms. The lamb represents warmth, gentle breezes, and sunny early days. Since the Mirth in a Box offices are located in an unheated basement, we were hoping for a March that comes in like a lamb and leaves like a lamb (sorry, Lions!). Then we came across pictures of these wild lambs! Oh my! We must be careful what we wish for!

Paul Brickman, soon to be famous photographer, has allowed us to use a few of the photos from his “Like a Lamb to Slaughter” series. We thought they were pretty great! See more about this up and coming artist on Kickstarter

Paul Brickman began his photographic career with a passion for fashion in all shapes and forms including street, contemporary, and haute couture. While developing his own compendium of work, Brickmanactively pursued his artistic interests by using the young musicians whom he had grown up with as subjects in his photographs. We at Mirth thought this emerging young talent’s “Like a Lamb to Slaughter” would be a witty and whimsical way to welcome the month of March!

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