Great Valentine Gift Boxes From Mirth in a Box

There are 2 kinds of people in the world: those that celebrate Valentines Day and those that don’t. If you fall in to the former category here are a few ideas for novel gifts:

Be Mine

Fabio told us that roses, candies and 1980’s love ballads were what smooth people woo

Be Mine! Valentine's Day Gift Box

their lovers with but we beg to differ. Cool couples will love this box that features: Little Box of Love Words (magnets), a “Come and Get me Bell”, Tin of Li’l Smoochers Candies, heart bottle opener, 2 wax lips, strip poker dice, Emergency Bowtie, Screaming flingshot money, 2 caffeinated suckas, and 2 fortune telling fish. Giddy up!

Sweets for the Sweetest- Valentines Day Gift BoxSweets for the Sweetest

This box features loads of candy, including some rubber chocolates, as well as a diamond ring key chain, lipstick pen and 2 fortune teller fish. Perfect for college students or anyone with a sweet tooth!

You’re a Treasure!

Brighten someone’s  special day by sending this precious box.  We’ve included a 9 oz bag You're a Treasure- Valentines Day gift boxof Jelly Belly jelly beans, a lip-shaped tin of cinnamon candies, a heart-shaped bottle opener, a lipstick pen, 2 fortune teller fish and a small tin from Magnetic Poetry Company filled with magnetic words of affection.

Love That Cook!

Why not send some merriment to your favorite cook?  We found some useful items with Love That Cooksome unusual characteristics: Heart-shaped bamboo serving spoon, heart-shaped bottle opener, heart-shaped measuring spoons, Matryoshkas measuring cups, bird-like salt and pepper shaker, table saw serving knife, Cook This! notepad and Come and Get it dinner bell. See if these don’t bring a smile to your face!

Mirth in a Box sells funny and unusual gift boxes for all occasions.  In a hurry? We have fun boxes ready to ship. Want to create your own? Try our BUILD YOUR OWN feature!

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