Twisted Chinese New Years Traditions

I’ve been told that Chinese New Year is a day when all creatures get a fresh new start.Chinese New Year To ensure a prosperous and healthy year, one needs to do the following:

  • Clean house to get rid of debris from the past year
  • Pay off all debts
  • Put away brooms
  • Resolve differences with family and friends.

Good advice! I was also told I should open all the windows and doors in my house to air out the bad spirits, wear brand new clothes on New Year’s Day, decorate the house with red & orange and to buy tangerines, oranges & persimmons. I can do that.

My favorite part of Chinese New Year’s, besides all the food, is saying, “Gung Hey Fat Choy!” to everyone I meet. That means, “Wishing you prosperity and wealth”.

Since I’m not Chinese, I decided to add a few of my own traditions:

  • Take the day off of work

    Chinese New Year

    2012 Year of the Dragon!

  • Eat Chinese take out for breakfast lunch and dinner
  • Watch Kung Fu Panda and Kung Fu Panda 2
  • Play “Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon” on XBox
  • Shout, “Hey Fat Boy!” at husband.
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