Mother Goose’s Unsolicited Advice for Goal Setting 2012

As a long term “mother” to many, Mother Goose has learned a few things about helpingMother Goose her flock set realistic goals. Continually monitoring behavior of the members of her rhyming family, Miss Goose shows how she helps her tribe develop better habits.

Old Mother Hubbard?” said Mother Goose “. The objectives are simple. Make a grocery list each week and the cupboards will never be bare.”

Mother goes on to say, “With someone like Miss Muffet and her persistent arachnophobia, it becomes a longer, more difficult process. She needs weekly behavior modification therapy for a year, possibly more. ”

“Last year I had Wee Willy Winkies‘ parents put double dead bolt locks on all the doors in his house and the windows were also nailed shut” Goose recounted. “That quickly put an end to running through the town, tapping on the windows in his night gown. What an annoying kid”

“I’ve always admired Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater’s novel problem solving. More people should follow his creative example.”

Mother Goose went on to say that she has had no luck with the Old Woman who Lives in a Shoe. Every year another child is born into this fungus-infested home and treated abominably by this fecund wretch. “This year I think I’ll call DCYS.” says the goose.

Diddle Diddle Dumpling My Son John seems to be a classic case of ADHD. What would you suggest he do, Mother Goose? “Ritalin. It’s time for chemical intervention.” she retorted. Tom Tom the Piper’s Son? “Reform school for the boy and jail for the father.” sniffed Mother. “They are both rotters.”

So what did we learn from our brief sit down with Mother Goose?

Don’t bother with introspection. Just ask your mother!

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