Snake in a Mint Can: In Search of the Perfect Prank

snake in a mint can SS AdamsLab Notes: Originally tested on Mr. Adams’ wife, this domesticated bit of hijinx was first called “Snake in a Jam Jar”. This heart-stopping joke then morphed into myriad permutations, the most popular being “Snake in a Nut Can” and “Snake in a Mint Can”. The hidden snake caper is one of the gag industry standards that catapulted SS Adams into Prankster Superstardom.

Testing: The SS Adams Company was sold in April 2009 and the ensuing restructuring made it difficult to get “Snake in a Nut Can” so we tested “Snake in a Mint Can”.  Our lab did obtain samples of several other “Snake in a XXXX Cans”. Though the Mirth in a Box Testing Facility is staffed with experts from all over the scientific world, Dian Fosse’s apes could have called this one. Made of heavy gauge metal, the SS Adams’ can was larger and more realistic looking than any of the other containers.  The competitors’ cans were made of either thin, foil-quality tin or, even worse, cardboard.  SS Adams’ snake was a robust 30″ long (when fully extended) with an impressive 6 ” circumference. The Adams’ snake immediately sprung to life when the can was open. The competitors had scrawny, lifeless snakes that did not always function in a timely or enjoyable manner.  Once again, the packaging of the SS Adams product was superlative sporting quintessential 1950’s graphics.

Conclusion: The decision to carry SS Adams’ “Snake in a Mint Can” was an easy one. SS Adams snake in a Mint CanFinding enough to satisfy our customers’ needs was a different problem. We asked the new owners of the SS Adams Company, Magic Makers, to find us as many “Snake in a Mint Cans” as they could. They obliged Mirth and scoured their many warehouses until they found us several hundred, in original packaging. Phew!

You’ll find this enduring gag in Mirth in a Box’s flagship gift box, The Classic Prankster, in our homage to SS Adams, Nostaglic Pranks as well as our timeless, Every Day is April Fools.

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