Fake Dog Poop: In Search of the Perfect Prank

Lab Notes: Typically, any sort of fake dog poop product produces countless hours ofFake dog poop from S S Adams at Mirth in a Box hilarity.  One can expect to see the real thing at least once every 24 hours, so this joke has true staying power.  Most novelty companies have tried their hand at fake poop.  We tested 5 of the most popular brands.

Testing: All 5 products were made of some type of plastic/rubber compound and were all rigid forms.  Disappointingly, we could not find any that variedin color from a consistent dark brown.  Everyone at the lab thought that color and texture variations would lend credence to the prank, but sadly not one pile scored many points for realism.

Nonetheless, the prank works.  Because feces is typically found on the ground, most subjects do not want to get very close to investigate the poop.  Every single person who walked by any of the products thought it was a genuine doggy deuce.

In Conclusion: We made our decision based on packaging.  Though slightly more expensive, we went with the classic SS Adams’ Doggonit.  The retro graphics were pleasing to the eye and actually made several of our testers misty-eyed as they remembered their childhood antics.  SS Adams’ Doggonit, in production for close to 100 years, poses a triple threat to its competition: good product, great packaging, and a big dose of nostalgia.

You’ll find SS Adams’ Doggonit in several of Mirth in a Box’s delightful gift boxes including  Simply Silly and Stinking of You.

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