Barbie Reveals Traumatic Childhood

Barbie Reveals Traumatic Childhood

In an exclusive interview with Mirth in a Box, Barbie opens up about her tortured youth. “It was a nightmare. Boy toys were intimidated by my sensuous curves, lustrous hair and good grooming.” Babs goes on to say that girl dolls were not sympathetic to her distress either and would often imitate her stiff-legged gait behind her back and would mock her ramrod posture.

Barbie now has the last laugh. Incredibly, the statuesque beauty survived this daily abuse and went on to dominate toydom for over 50 years, spawning numerous boyfriends, siblings and companions.

Mirth in a Box sells funny and unusual pre made gift boxes. Recently Mirth added a Build Your Own Box feature to let its customers create their own boxes.

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